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Ever since FriendFeed added their Lists feature I have meticulously compartmentalized many users on the service into descriptive buckets to help me filter through all the data. One of my favorite lists that I have created is called Eye Candy. In there I have added the users below who have for the most part filled their streams with some great imagery. As an added bonus there is a room at the end of the list which offers up the most amazing images you will find as well.

This is the first of perhaps other user lists that I may share with you guys. Let me know what you think. Also, if you know of any other FriendFeed users that belong on my Eye Candy list, please add them in the comments.

If you are looking for other great folks on FriendFeed, Mike Fructher is someone you should follow as he has a knack for finding interesting users and puts together an excellent recommendation list every month on his site.

Cee Bee

Corie “Viper” Jones



Head Ov Metal

ilias Charis


Mathias Pastwa

Melissa Maskevich

Michael Hocter

Mitchell Tsai

Mona N.

Theseus Fixer

Thomas Hawk

Persian Cam [ROOM]

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