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Great SweetCron Tutorial and Custom Theme

Some people have had some issues getting SweetCron “The automated Lifestream Blog software” up and running. Luckily we have Chris Coyier who has written up a really good step...

What Is This Mystery Lifestreaming Site?

I came across today which apparently is a service for prospective websites to elicit suggestions for names from the public with a cash bounty for the winners. I hadn’t...

Self Hosted Lifestream Gallery #5

Site: Steven Beleen Code: Tumblr custom theme Site: Thomas Marban Code: Custom Site: Nate Ritter Code: WordPress Lifestream Plugin Site: Alan Cheslow Code: FriendFeed Embed Widget Site: Robert O’Rourke...

Tumblr + Silo = Poorman’s SweetCron

Many of you are probably already familiar with the new Lifestream blogging platform SweetCron. Well if you were captured by it’s visual style but didn’t want to pay for...