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The Year in Lifestreaming for 2008

2008 has been a tremendous year for Lifestreaming. When I first began researching Lifestraming back in February of 2007 and then started this blog a month after there were...

Self Hosted Lifestream Gallery #9

Site: Andreas Lanjerud Code: SweetCron (custom theme) Site: Matjaz Crnko Code: Custom Site: Leu Mund Code: Custom Site: Sean McGrath Code: Custom (using Django) Site: Kristin Pishdadi (custom theme)...

Tips for Localizing Users on FriendFeed

FriendFeed has been doing a great job off listening to their community and adding many great new features at a ferocious pace considering their relatively small development staff. Realzing...

Self Hosted Lifestream Gallery #8

Site: Ollie Code: Unknown (but Lifestream widget looks like from Agregado theme) Site: Cory O’Brien Code: SweetCron Site: Alex Bisceglie Code: Custom (using Ruby on Rails) Site: Patrick Kranzlmuller...