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Today marked the 1 year birthday of AIM express and they decided to celebrate with the release of AIM Express 7.0 Beta. AIM Express is a web version of the AIM desktop client. They’ve added quite a few new features but I am just focusing on the Lifeatreaming additons. Below is a list of the new Lifestreaming features they have added

  • Lifestream: If you have not already seen the Lifestream integration within the AIM Desktop versions for Windows and Mac you can now access your social networks from your web version of AIM too! It is simple and efficient to keep your comments all in one place by allowing you to comment back to your favorite networks, like Twitter or Facebook, right from your Lifestream tab.
  • Me Tab: You guessed it! It’s all about you. This is where you can see who’s commenting, liking, or replying to YOUR online activity under “Notifications.” You can also see how popular you are, like how many buddies you have, and how many buddy lists you are on.
  • Get Buddy Info: New version includes Lifestream updates of your buddies, latest photos, and customized “Info.”

I tried out Screenr which is a new Screencasting service to show you the new features. [Side note: I’m very impressed with the Screenr service!]

Read more on the AIM Express news page or go ahead and Launch AIM Express 7.0 Beta right now.

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