Here’s related articles and pages I’ve discovered worth reading along with my commentary on some occasions.

  1. How to Backup Your Data and Keep it Safe Forever | Digital Trends
  2. Ta-Da | From Me To You
    A high priced Escort is inspired by Nicholas Felton & creates a beautiful lifelogging infographic.
  3. Reporter for iPhone tracks your whole life, one quiz at a time | The Verge
    Review of an interesting new smart journal app for iOS.
  4. Basis Goes To Intel For Around $100M | TechCrunch
    The start of more acquisitions & consolidation in the quantified self space.
  5. A High Priced Escort Made An Infographic Of How She Spent Her Time For A Year | Happy Place
    This is what happens when a high priced Escort is inspired by Nicholas Felton & creates a ‪‎lifelogging‬ Infographic.
  6. Samsung Fit hands on (MWC 2014) | Android Authority
    Interesting new hybrid smartwatch / activity tracker.
  7. Narrative Clip review: A tiny camera that captures a view of your life every 30 seconds – The Next Web
    Nice review of this lifelogging camera.
  8. What do you really own in the digital world?
    Article on the ownership of digital assets after you die.
  9. Facebook Makes Profiles of Dead Users More Visible – Digits – WSJ
    Here’s an update from Facebook on their memorial page functionality which I wrote about last week.
  10. Life and Death Online and Facebook: Who Controls a Digital Legacy? –

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