sxsw_logoI saw today that they have now posted some of the dates and times for the interactive panels for this years’ SXSW conference. Of particular interest to me is a panel being run by new Googler Chris Messina on Activity Streams. He will be speaking on Saturday 3/13 at 9:30 am with location still unannounced.

If my experience as a SXSW newbie last year is any indication it will be a wee difficult climbing out of bed that early but for myself it will no doubt be worth it. I look forward to seeing many of you Lifestream Blog readers that day at Chris’ panel.


Here’s the details from the site:

From Facebook’s newsfeed to Twitter’s relentless real-time updates, the metaphor of the “stream” has taken social networking beyond blog posts and on to rich social activities. Learn about – the open format adopted by Facebook, MySpace, and Windows Live – and how it’s fundamentally changing the social web.

You can view the details here and be sure to take the time to create your personal schedule and add this panel to it.

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