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Noserub was one of the first community based, open source Lifestreaming apps released. I first wrote about it back in March of 2008. It seems like I’ve been noticing a quite a few niche based social streaming sites pop up lately and I just came across another one at that was built on Noserub. Noserub is just one of community based Lifestreaming options out there that can be used to create a site. Below is some info on its release and a screencast of the service.

Lifestreams are a great way to aggregate content as there are so many services and social networks out there, that is hard to keep track of all of them. Its great having your own lifestream that you can share on your own site, but its even better when you can mix your stream with others that have the same interests as you.

FeedMaze is powered by Noserub, and we were lucky enough to get hold of one of the people who help create it, and have them as part of our community. Lance Wicks has been a great help so far with the site, and combined with the other developers of Noserub, we hope to make the best experience for all of you.

via Launch – Community Lifestream | DuncsWeb.

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