cit_logoEveryone in the college world is focused on basketball so I thought it would be a good time to tell you about a course on Lifestreaming currently being taught by Dr Thomas Ho at Indiana University – Purdue University Indianapolis. You can find the course description and objectives here where you can see that 25% of the course grading is based on contributions made via students Lifestreams.

The course is about helping guide students to use social media and other services to help build a “personal brand”. What I also found interesting is that not only are the students levaraging the services but so is the professor. He has created a Twitter account for the course and has encouraged the students to use a specific hashtag to help students identify and filter contributions for the course.

A blog has also been created for the course using Tumblr where students can leave comments discussing posts. Lastly, a FriendFeed room has been created that aggregates these and several other feeds from services used for the course. One of the feeds available is for an audio podcast of the courses. This is a nice addition that lets you take a peek into the activity between students and professor of the course.

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