Flavors.me is a new Lifestreaming service launched at the end of last year that I really liked. Yesterday they announced the addition of several new features. They’ve now added support for Foursquare, Posterous, WordPress, Blogger, Etsy, and LinkedIn. They’ve also improved the data coming in from the Netflix and RSS feeds. They now offer permalinks to individual service pages. Lastly they’ve now added more font sizing controls for various site entities as well as multiple options for bullets.

Screenshot of the new font options and Foursquare addition. Click to visit.

They plan to add support to YouTube very very soon and are looking into Facebook support. If you haven’t tried the service you really should. Although it’s in private beta, the founders have provided Lifestream Blog readers with invites. Just use the code ‘lifestreamblog’ when signing up to get in.

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