I came across (hat tip to Rafe Needleman) a story written by Kashmir Hill who covers tech and privacy at Forbes about self-tracking where she takes the Fitbit for a spin. You may have already heard about the Fitbit device which lets you track workout activity and sleep. But Hill also provided a window into details about the Quantified Self. In her interview with Fitbit cofounder James Park, she even quoted his reference to the group:

He said that most folks using the Fitbit now are doing it for health and fitness reasons, as opposed to the Quantified Selfers who are obsessed with data collection in all possible ways. “It’s good to have a set of hardcore users, though, (the Quantifed Self folks). They become the evangelists — the passionate people stretch the boundary of what’s possible,” says Park.

You can read the Forbes story here and if you want more details on the Quantified Self you can read my post here.


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