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Update: Apparently I’m blind and need to pay more attention as you will see after reading the first comment. In any case, I still think this tip is useful for people. This has now been downgraded from a hack to a tip.

So how often do you upload a photo to Flickr or bookmark something on only to wait patiently for it to appear in your feed while continually refreshing your browser?

FriendFeed definitely seems to have varying timeframes when they poll services to add items to your feed. Twitter seems to often happen very quickly, while other services can take quite long. I don’t have details on their methods for polling services, but I do have a hack to speed up the process that I will share with you.

  •  First off, upload a photo, bookmark a page, or add whatever content to a service you’ve added to FriendFeed
  • Go to FriendFeed and click on the “Me” tab to bring up your profile
  •  Click on the “Edit/Add” link under your Services listing
  • Click on the service you added something to
  • When the service screen comes up click on the “save changes” button
  • Now when the page reloads your new item should appear



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