Unless you were cut off from the web today you probably heard about Google’s Social Graph API. I was bombarded by those I follow on Twitter with the news. The enthusiasm for this announcement was much greater than that of Open Social from what I can tell. The timing is also great with the O’Reilly sponsored Social Graph Foo Camp event taking place this weekend (with I guess a break during the Superbowl). Many notable folks within the Lifestreaming circle have mentioned their attendance at the conference.

I also noticed today that show host Tim O’reilly raves that it’s “one giant step for the Internet Operating System“. I think I’ll join in a bit on the excitement of this one since I was also able to touch and smell some of what was going on with this release. It’s pretty cool too finally see the underlying XFN code in sites I use finally doing something. I won’t write much more about this as the web was flooded with info (see below) but I look forward to seeing what people do with it.

Stories across the web on the Google Social Graph API:
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TechCrunch – Google Gathers Social Graph Information From The Web, Launches API
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Read/Write Web – Plaxo Pulse First to Use Google’s Social Graph

And finally here’s Brad Fitzpatrick explaining it with a song and dance (ok maybe just with some lame whiteboard sketches)

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