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I read this post over at titled “How To Create Your Own Lifestream On A WordPress Blog In 3 Easy Steps”. This is a good tutorial and utilizes the very popular Simplepie RSS framework which I’ve written about many times that has been used to create custom Lifestreams. However I wouldn’t call this exactly easy. If you want to get a nice pretty feature rich Lifestream up in WordPress I still recommend the WordPress Lifestream Plugin as the easiest method.

This How to is very good and offers nice details on how to configure Simplepie and customize a page in WordPress to create your Lifestream. However it requires editing PHP code and messing with WordPress templates, so if you’re comfortable with that, then this How to is right up your alley.

From the post

First of all, you’ll need some plugins for your WordPress blog.  Remember that if you have a current installation of WordPress, you can install these plugins directly from the “Install Plugins” section of the Admin of your WordPress blog.  I will also link to the plugins’ pages so you can get an idea of what to search for and how to install them.

  • SimplePie Core (needed for “SimplePie” plugin for WordPress)
  • SimplePie plugin for WordPress
  • Exec-PHP (gives you the ability to run PHP code in text widgets, posts and pages)

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