Twitpic used to be my primary method for posting photos from my iPhone.  Several months ago I began researching ways that I could automatically post my iPhone images to multiple sites including Facebook, Flickr, FriendFeed and Twitter. I looked into using Tarpipe, Pixelpipe, and several other services but none of them offered a simple workflow to do this. Then I discovered Posterous which I have found to be the easiest way to do this and have been very happy ever since.

Similarly to myself, today  I came across this post that discusses one users migration from Twitpic to Posterous that I thought was worth sharing. One thing the author doesn’t discuss worth mentioning is that Posterous also offers an iPhone app with extended functionality for posting photos.


From the post:

I would call Posterous a “mini-blog platform”: just like Tumblr, it allows you to easily post and share your post amongst other users. The niche Posterous fills is that it automates shares your content amongst other social media services like Facebook, Flickr, Picasa, YouTube, Vimeo, Blogger, WordPress, Xanga and… Twitter.

Unlike Twitpic, Posterous is a blogging platform, so it allows me to customize the look and feel of “my” blog, but also allows me to use my own domain. So I thought: “How about using Posterous as an alternative for Twitpic?”…. And it works like a charm.

Via Blogging for Nonprofit | How to use Posterous as an alternative for Twitpic?.

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