I came across an application called Journler after reading David Beach’s Lifestream. It looks like an interesting software based Lifestream application but unfortunately for me it’s Mac only. It’s also not the only Lifestreaming application that is Mac only. Another one that I had learned about a while back called Slifeshare is Mac only as well but today’s visit for this post made me aware of a Firefox extension that is now available as well, so I will have to try that service out tonite which looks very interesting.

Ross Mayfield wrote a post titled Status Contests and Attention Aggregators

From the post:

For Jaiku, having a client brings continuous partial presence to my laptop, that is far richer because people are lifestreaming (adding feeds from other tools like blogs to enrich their presence).

Speaking of Jaiku… Ken Camp is an avid user that has posted his involvement in the beta of the client for the Nokia phone.

From the post:

First, if you aren’t a Jaiku user today, you need to understand that Jaiku is what I call a lifestream aggregator. When you build your profile, you have complete control over what you wish to share of your lifestream of information.

Mathew Good has re-designed his site giving prominence to his Lifestream as well as creating some pretty cool collapsible menus.

Jerry Paffendorf let me know about his work on the Metaverse Roadmap as well as his R&D work in the realm of Lifestreaming and virtual worlds and discusses it in a post here.

From the post:

(Lifestreaming) Is incredible and meaningful transparency into people’s attention (into what they’re minds are processing), but coming from the virtual worlds angle, it makes me think of Herzog’s characterization of cinema verite, a movement to document reality straight-up, as “just the accountant’s truth.”


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