Erin Blaskie recently did a presentation on Lifestreaming at WordCamp in Montreal. She has made her slides available via Slidshare and someone recorded her presentation on Qik. I have provided both of these below and if you listen closely and switch the slides as she speaks you can follow along.

Erin does a nice job of using a mindmap to help illustrate the flow of data to web services that make up her Lifestream. It reminded me of the social map I created to illustrate mine a while back as well.

Erin’s presentation is a case study for how she created her Lifestream. It can be found at her extremely colorful site aptly named “Lifestreaming in pure, unedited color” at She uses embedded widgets in her sidebar sharing videos from Ustream, her travels using Tripit, micro-blogging using Twitter, music from, books she’s reading with Shelfari, and photos with Twitpic for her Lifestream alongside her blog. She also has a dedicated Lifestream page using the WordPress Lifestream plugin with a custom SweetCronesque look to it.


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