After having launched immediately into public beta back in April, then acquired by Mister Wong and entering a closed beta, has opened its door to all comers again.

During their private period they fixed bugs and worked on many new features. They now have all of the defacto standard features current top Lifestreaming services offer like commenting, search, filtering, and favoriting.

They also offer some very nice nuances lacking on some other services such as:

  • An extended profile with contact services
  • Support for a whopping 59 services
  • Internal private messaging
  • Internal photo popouts (think lightbox)
  • A “my last visitors” section wich provides user which have recently been to your page ala MyBlogLog

Their most touted new feature is the ability to sending Lifestream items to your mobile phone via integration with the Beam it up Scotty service.

They’ve also added a reshare feature for stream items, but where FriendFeed offers this only to areas within their site, allows resharing to popular external services like Facebook, Stumbleupon, and delicious.

One sore spot is that their Adobe Air app still doesn’t work for me and others according to the comments on the announcement page from the blog.

You can read more about this re-launch latest at the Blog here.

In any case this is definitely a top Lifesteraming service worth checking out if you haven’t tried it yet or returned since its launch.

You can find me here.

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