Lifestreaming Presentation at Ignite Cardiff by Tom Beardshaw

I featured Tom Beardshaw in my last installment of the Custom Lifesstream Gallery. Tom is an avid Lifestreamer and recently did a presentation at an Ignite conference in Cardiff in the UK.

Ignite conferences are unique in that they offer a different format for presentations where you only have 20 slides that rotate every 15 seconds giving you only 5 minutes to engage and educate your audience. Tom did a presentation on Lifestreaming using this format and I think he did a pretty good job.

He has provided a video and slideshow of his presentation which I’ve only provided screenshots of below because you should visit his site to view them and get full details.


Visit Tom’s site to view these and if you know of any other good presentations on Lifestreaming, post them in the comments.

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  1. TomĀ“s tangled up in blue is great.

    I installed it and loved it. Now Im trying other themes for a play.

    Great page by the way. Loving it

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