Image courtesy of Flickr user Dust StormA few days ago I was perusing my RSS feeds in Google Reader when I came across this story on Digg called Stalking 2.0: The Websites that Track Your Every Move (Voluntarily!). I knew right away this was related to Lifestreaming and by the headline I felt it was going to be a negative view so I clicked away. It was actually a link to an article on Mashable which I made my way to only after reading some of the comments on Digg first. I knew instantly that the mob on Digg had formed its opinion on the evil nature of the article so I made my way over there to see it.

Here’s the evil intro…no wonder it elicited concerns of spyware and privacy:

So, you don?t mind being followed and tracked? You don?t care if your friends can see what websites you?ve been to lately, what software you?ve been running, or even what music you?ve been listening to? Then you?ll love the web?s trend towards extreme openness: sharing everything you do on your computer. Sometimes referred to as sharing your ?attention? data, this is a growing market. Below, we round up 12 services that want to track your every move – voluntarily.

Following the comment threads and trackbacks from other blogs regarding the post it Mashable has successfully created a paranoid state.

Here’s a post called “Six Creepy Things I Can Learn About You“. He provides a method of finding out my favorite band, age, and my friends…oooooh….that’s so creepy!

Here’s another one called “Who Needs Privacy” where he says: “It is unnerving to see so many users literally broadcasting much of their personal information to the web.” He goes on to say that he feels it will lead to identity theft…If thieves can steal our identity by knowing our age, music tastes, and friends we’re doomed.

Later after reading the story I had an IM session with Kelly Abbott. After going back and forth a bit on the article and the state of Lifestreaming he asked me “what do you think can be done to change that sentiment?” and I responded “Education….and showing functionality to leverage the data to make it compelling to create Lifestreams. The whole privacy concern issue is ridiculous since we all use these services and the content is available individually from any of the sites….all lifestreaming does is aggregate it conveniently in one place for people.”

So now it’s time to put a positive spin on Lifestreaming…

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