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I think it was about a year ago when I saw the first literal music video. This is when a new singer dubs words for exactly what is happening in an existing music video set to the same song. It’s actually pretty funny and you can find a batch of some of the best ones here.

So you’re asking what the hell does that have to do with Lifestreaming right? Well tonight I saw a new Motorola Cliq commercial that really caught my attention because it took the approach of showing what amounted to a literal Lifestream. I won’t explain it because I’ve embedded the video below.

While not the same premise as the music videos I found the correlation interesting nonetheless and a good excuse to share the music videos. A little over a month ago I wrote about the announcement of the Motorola Cliq and now it’s been released. You can learn more on their new site here where they have a video that specifically states “see your entire Life in a single Stream”. They also seem to have a simulator available that you can play with.

I haven’t followed much more beyond this information on the Motorola Cliq but it’s the first Android powered phone by them and their implementation looks nice and definitely has a strong emphasis on Lifestreaming so it’s probably worth checking out. I’m hoping to run across someone who has one soon so I can play with it.

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