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Last year we saw the release of SimpleLife. It was a Lifestreaming plugin for WordPress based off of Simplepie. Today I came across the blog of Thomas Trumble who has recently spent time editing the original plugin to add some additional features.

Here’s a List:

  • Addition of 6 extra feeds for a total of 9
  • Addition of built in support for feeds from Yelp, YouTube Favorites, Google Reader Shared Items, Pandora Favorite Artists and Songs, Plaxo Pulse, 2 Amazon Wishlists, Tumblr and StumbleUpon
  • Implementation of Db0’s Google Reader Lifestream Archive and a modified version of his Google Reader Comment Tracking concept that supports and formats feeds from Twitter,, Netflix, coComment, Disqus and Intense Debate
  • Implementation of Db0’s concept for showing the number of items and length of time in the lifestream
  • Commented out the charts of recent activity – they just didn’t seem useful to me, but it’s there if you want to use them and my additions should show up in them
  • Addition of tons of additional favicons for streaming services so you don’t need to add them yourself, whatever you want is probably now included

If you are a user of the original plugin or are looking for one to add to your WordPress blog it’s worth a look. You can see the plugin in action here and you can find his plugin page here.

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