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I began using Retaggr last year primarily for the signature widget for my personal email account. I really liked the features they had to help build an online profile. Their offering makes all the top services pale in comparison.

First off, they offer support for more services than anyone out there except maybe Profilactic. If you have a FriendFeed account it can even automatically import all of your services by simply providing that account. But it isn’t just the extensive services that make them stand out. They offer a clean interface to add almost anything you would ever want to in an online profile. Better yet, once you create your profile you can use it outside the server in many ways. Like I said, I use it as a signature but you can also create a highly customizeable widget to promote your profile on your own site and elsewhere as well.

Here’s my widget

Here’s my email signature

Well now they have taken their profile creation tools to the next level. They now offer a dedicated profile page that also acts as a Lifestream by importing the data from the services you add. They provide a very clean Lifestream that isn’t a mashup of all your activity in a single feed but rather offer it in sections based on the service type. So you have all your microblogging in one section, all your photos in another, and all your comments in yet another. I personally like having this approach as an added bonus to the traditional Lifestream.

you can visit my profile page here

There are also many other customization options available for the profile pages as well. In any case I really can’t get into much detail because the overall setup options and customizations available on the Retaggr service are pretty phenomenal. You can really get lost in all the choices you have. So check it out and have some fun over there. It’s worth it.

You can read more about the new features on their blog here.

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