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I saw over at Woo Themes that they have recently released the Irresistible premium WordPress theme for FREE. This theme took 4th place of the top 10 themes selected from a contest that Woo Themes ran last year. The designer, Izuddin Helmi also won 1st place with another submission.

This theme caught my eye very quickly as it is both styled and has functionality specifically catered to a Lifestreamer. I thought this theme looked so great that I had to try it out and write a review.

Before I get into the details take a look at the screenshot of the theme below after I installed it and plugged in all my data.

Click for a cleaner image

Not sure you feel the same way I do, but this theme struck me immediately as being really nice visually and breaking out the content in a unique way that I really hadn’t seen before. I feel it’s a clean fresh look that works well to bring your Lifestream to a blog. The image above shows the custom homepage option which provides small excerpts from blog posts and includes the Lifestreaming components. There is also another traditional homepage you can set it to use that displays full posts with images and utilizes a standard single sidebar on the right.

So now I’ll get into the setup and options. After copying over the theme and selecting it you have several things you need to configure to get your homepage and content setup properly. There is a dedicated options page to make this a pretty simple process. The myPhotos section is pulled in by providing your Flickr user account information. Flickr appears to be the only service supported for this section. myLifestream requires that you install and configure the great Lifestream WordPress plugin by David Cramer available here. You have the ability to set the number of items you want displayed on the homepage for blog posts, photos, and Lifestream items. The myVideos section has a unique way of pulling in your latest videos. Simply create a new post and copy the embed code into a custom field that is added by the theme and then simply use the tag video which sets a flag for it to be placed on the homepage. Unlike photos, you don’t have to define a specific service and it appears to support many different video services.


So beyond all the Lifestreaming options I just pointed out, there are some other great features included in the theme options:

  • There is support for 9 different color schemes all controlled via a dropdown that simply selects a different CSS file to use. The colors include blue, brown, gray, green, pink, purple, red, teal, and yellow
  • You have a dedicated field to create an about section which appears on the home page with a link to read more on a dedicated page
  • You can use a custom logo
  • You can provide the code for your Google Analytics and Feedburner accounts
  • A section for placing ad or other banners on your site
  • A sidebar widget that pulls in latest posts and comments and displays a tag cloud
  • …and several other options to tweak the theme

irresistible_gray irresistible_green irresistible_red
3 of the 9 total color schemes available

As if that wasn’t enough you also get the full PSD file that has an extensive breakdown of all elements used so you can customize the design even further if you wish to. I have to say that this is the most impressive Lifestreaming theme I have seen or WordPress yet and I’m tempted to use it for my personal site despite the fact I just spent a ton of time customizing another one I switched to recently. I highly recommend taking a look and tinkering with this theme to see if it may be right for you.

You can get all the details and download the Irresistible theme on the Woo Themes site here and get a live demo here.

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