On the heels of a slew of new features with their recent 2.0 update, Socialthing has recently released some more.

  • Added new services Brightkite, Plurk, Seesmic, and Guitar Hero
  • Added several new shortcuts
  • Visual color queues for new items in the Lifestream
  • Visual icons detailing the types of account activity available for each service and publishing capabilities

You can read more about the update here. If you’re interested in trying out SocialThing I was able to secure invites for Lifestream Blog readers. Just go create an account and use the invite code “letmeinnow” without the quotes.

In playing with the update I added my Brightkite account to SocialThing and I wanted to show you some of the more granular details that can be available when you dig a little deeper into adding a service.

Below you will see an image of the options available when I added my Brightkite account to SocialThing:


Here you see quite a few options

  • Ability to set an individual service private
  • Multiple options for who you want to share this service
  • Ability to use this service as your SocialThing Avatar (this is available for all services)
  • And lastly specific options for sharing content available on the Brightkite service

Here are the options when adding Brightkite to FriendFeed


All I have is the ability to add my username with no other options.

For some, flexible options when importing and displaying their data from a service may not be important, but I find these details to be interesting to share with others when digging deeper into these services. I’ve written a longer detailed post about this in the past.

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