Tumblr was one of the first Lifestreaming services that gained popularity with it’s minimalist blogging approach with beautifully designed sites. Unfortunately I feel that they took a step backwards when they began limiting sites to only allow for 5 feeds to be imported.

Last year in my coverage I came across a very similar service called Soup.io which I feel offers richer options, support for more services, and great flexibility. If you are a fan of Tumblr, you owe it to yourself to take a look at Soup.io.

Today, Richard MacManus proclaimed it’s currently one of his favorite web services. Andy Desoto who has been writing quite a bit about Lifestreaming lately picked up on the Soup.io mention at RWW today and wrote up a good review.

Here’s a snip:

If you’ve known about this service for quite some time now, feel free to move along; released in the last quarter of 2007, it’s hardly new, especially in the rapid-fire world of Web 2.0 startups.  But if you’ve never heard of it like I hadn’t, read along: soup.io just might be what you’re looking for.

You can read the rest of Andy’s review here.

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