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Storytlr, the lifestreaming service with a twist, has updated their product by introducing “Pages” to their already impressive line of features. Storytlr is a lifestreaming service that set itself apart from other services by allowing users to group their posts from various services in an storyboard format. From the beginning, Storytlr has had two tabs on their pages indicating the lifestream and the stories list. With this latest update, additional tabs can be added with a media grouping flavor.

Add Pages to LifestreamThe obvious two page additions that Storytlr allows you to configure are Pictures and Videos. These two pages will collect only the pictures or videos from your various sources and display them in a grid of thumbnails. When a visitor clicks on an item, instead of being directed to the place of origin, the video or picture is displayed in a modal window type overlay.  As many of your pictures and videos can contain additional information or excellent commentary in the comments sections of each item, some might prefer the link to go directly to the object’s page rather than the overlay.

In addition to these media pages, you can add additional lifestreams that only display items from the specific services you select. The best example of this would be a page devoted to all the blog posts you may have aggregated into your lifestream, as they now would be separated from the complete lifestream. (As outlined on the official blog.)  The page feature also allows for a tab that links to an external site or a custom page, where you can enter in your own HTML (i.e. an About Page).


The pictures and video pages work well for the most part. The pictures page found all the information from my Flickr account as well as any picture posted on Tumblr and were well displayed and ordered by date. The video section does have its bugs to be ironed out. Items posted from Vimeo, Qik, and YouTube show up on the Video page with nice thumbnails available.  But Tumblr post of YouTube and other videos are labeled with No Thumbnail. (I heavily leverage Tumblr instead of the Like feature on YouTube).

Tumblr Video Doesnt Display Correctly

This update also includes a unified tagging system and a new theme. Storytlr will now include tags from the services it imports and gives you the option of having a tag cloud widget on your stream. Also a user has contributed a new and very minimalistic theme that you can now select for the design of your lifestream.

With improvements like these, Storytlr is setting themselves apart from other lifestream services adding features above and beyond basic lifestreaming. Storytlr still holds its own among all the other lifestream competitors available. But one wonders how long they can continue to grow the lifestream service without adding to its comparatively small list of supported sites (only 16 services as of this writing).

See Official Storytlr Blog about the update.

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