The Lifestream Plugin for WordPress is one of the best, and clocking in over 160,000 downloads, most popular options for hosting a Lifestream on your own website . I’ve personally been using it for long time. The problem is that it hasn’t been updated since June of 2010 and appears that support for the plugin has ceased.

I’ve heard from several people that once Twitter moved to OAuth authentication the plugin no longer worked to add Twitter accounts. Well now thanks to Rob McGhee there is a fix. Apparently there is a way to bypass OAuth if you authenticate via Android. So he’s posted details on how to modify the plugin file so that you can use this authentication method.

You can get all the details on his post here.


In my post I state that support had ceased which was based on the official WordPress plugin page not being updated. Robert McGhee left a comment below stating that the plugin is now being maintained on Github and was updated last on January 25th 2011.

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