I have recently gotten to a point on Twitter where I’m following so many people I can’t keep up. I feel that Twitter really needs to add a feature allowing us to put followers into groups for filtering. I have local friends, Lifestreaming users, other cool folks I follow, and I can’t keep up with my stream anymore. Also to make it usable for me, they would have to include that feature in the API and it would need to be supported in my favorite client Twhirl.

I did remember reading about Crowdstatus on Webware the other day, and although it doesn’t offer what I want, I decided to check it out. So I decided to have a little fun with it. I created a group of Twitter users that are the people behind many of the top Lifestreaming services on the web. I also decided to add myself to the group for good measure.

So here they are. The Lifestreamers

Crowdstatus Lifestreamers

Mark Krynsky: that would be me
Matt Galligan: SocialThing! Founder
Sean Morton: Profilactic Founder
Ian Kennedy: MyBlogLog Product Manager
Kelly Abbott: Dandelife Founder
Olivier Ze Kat: Life2Front Founder
Juan Xavier Larrea: Lifestream.fm Founder
Lynn Wallenstein: iStalkr Founder
Paul Buchheit: FriendFeed Co-Founder
Bret Taylor:
FriendFeed Co-Founder
Thomas Huhn: Lifestrea.ms Founder
Dirk Olbertz: Identoo Founder

Updated Additions:
Todd Samspson: MyBlogLog Co-Founder
Ben Brightwell: SocialThing! CTO / Co-Founder
Lars Teigen: SecondBrain CEO/Founder
David Janes: Onaswarm Founder

If you are a someone who is a founder or manager of a Lifestreaming service and feel you should be added, let me know.

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