Today I came across a nice little piece of viral marketing courtesy of Intel. It’s a little project called “Museum of Me” in which you provide access to your Facebook account and in return get a fancy flash video presentation in the form of a museum tour based on your Facebook activity. There are several different sections of the museum that you visit all broken down by the various content and actions that make up your Facebook account. This includes friends you interact most with, your photos, locations (presumably from places checkins), A wall of words that appears most frequently on your wall, images and video from content that you liked, and a few other neat visualizations. The data doesn’t appear to be perfect and recent content is what is highlighted, but you can’t argue with the beauty of the presentation and associated music.

After you watch your gallery you can share images created from it on your Facebook profile. Unfortunately, you can’t share the flash videos created which is a major bummer. In face you have to manually go back to the original URL after playback if you want to watch it again. Based on how the museum shows a timestamp and uses recent content, I’m guessing you can come back later in the future to create a new experience if Intel leaves it up.  In any event, it’s worth the time to try it out.

Create your own museum of me here.


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