Bodymedia, Nike Fuelband, Jawbone Up, Fitbit One Activity Tracking Roundup Update


So I’m one week in on my simultaneous testing of the Bodymedia armband, Nike Fuelband, Jawbone Up, and Fitbit One. I’m learning quite a bit about all the nuances in these 4 devices and can safely say that selecting the one that’s right for you isn’t a simple process. There are many different factors to consider. From the device aesthetics, to the functionality, to the syncing, to the web and mobile reporting, to gamification aspects and much more. Stay tuned for a full review that will cover all of this after I complete my testing in a few weeks. In the meantime below is my activity from yesterday that included 2 hours of playing racquetball to show you the variance in the data tracking.




Stats from each device:

Fitbit One 13,299 steps 3,548 calories burned
Nike Fuelband 5,979 steps 1,573 calories burned
Jawbone Up 11,938 steps 2,672 calories burned
Bodymedia 11,401 steps 3,480 calories burned


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  1. Marko Vasiljevic

    Mark, this is great! Could you also post Fuel Points and Fitbit Activescore?

  2. Marc Vermut

    Much larger variance than I expected.

  3. Mark Krynsky

    Thanks Marko. The Nike fuel points for this day were 4,140 and the Fitbit active score was 1,282.

  4. Mark Krynsky

    Yes and I have some theories on it. part of it is due to the fact of anomalies in tracking a wristband vs. a device clipped to my pants vs. an armband with 2 more accurate sensors that track body heat and sweat.

  5. Marc Vermut

    Are you wearing the devices where they are recommended?

  6. Great Canadian Craft

    You should think about using the digfit app with polar heart rate monitor. That’s what I’m using and I’d love to know what the results are like versus the others. Quite the variances though, very itneresting!

  7. Kurt

    Good thing im using the fitbit as it seems you burn the most calories while wearing it.

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