Here’s related articles and pages I’ve discovered worth reading along with my commentary on some occasions.

  1. Why don’t we just… make a digital will? – Big Issue North
  2. What happens to our online lives after we die? | Science | AAAS
  3. An AI Project that Allows us to Have Conversations with Dead Holocaust Survivors – Digital Legacy Management
  4. How to manage your digital legacy after you die – Maddyness – Le Magazine des Startups Françaises
  5. Making It Easier to Honor a Loved One on Facebook After They Pass Away | Facebook Newsroom
  6. Marie Kondo tries to help a digital hoarder get his life in order – CNN
  7. The Changing Attitudes to Death Report 2018 by | Blog
    Results of a UK survey provides the changing attitudes toward death in a report
  8. Soon you can immortalize yourself as an A.I. chatbot. But should you? | Digital Trends
  9. In the future, you will be forever | ASU Now: Access, Excellence, Impact
    Interview with Gregg Pascal Zachary a professor at ASU, who so eloquently answers questions about future digital immortality after a recent presentation on the subject
  10. Disrupting death: Technologists explore ways to digitize life
    New technologies are opening the door to near-everlasting life as well as a myriad of ethical and philosophical questions.
  11. Digital Afterlife: What Happens to Your Facebook When You Die? – February 28, 2018 – SF Weekly
    …and other considerations regarding your digital personal data
  12. Swedish death cleaning: how to declutter your home and life
  13. How close are we to a Black Mirror-style digital afterlife? | Television & radio | The Guardian
  14. Elton John's leap into VR is just the start of his post-biological life | WIRED UK
    In the future we’ll all be able to do this and live on after we die.
  15. 8 New Jobs People Will Have In 2025 | Co.Exist | ideas + impact
  16. NBA bans teams from using wearable data in contract negotiations
  17. Controlling your digital legacy – Information Age
  18. Digital legacy — an unsolved Problem – Medium
  19. Your digital life after death |
    Here’s a glimpse of how the future of funeral homes and memorials will change based on our digital data.
  20. Fabric is a magical journal that automatically keeps track of your life
  21. Life Logging Is Dead. Long Live Life Logging?
    Lifelogging is not dead…we just need advancements in AI & other Machine / Deep learning to gain insights.
  22. This Microsoft legend has a mind-blowing theory for how tech is changing our memories | Business Insider India
  23. Lifelogging is dead (for now) | Computerworld
  24. Track Your Life In Google Analytics – Data Runs Deep
  25. Sony Xperia Eye could thrust AI-based ‘lifelogging’ into the limelight | ExtremeTech
    Nice story & analysis on Sony’s Xperia Eye: A #Lifelogging camera that uses #AI to edit your life’s highlights.
  26. Paris' past and present meet in drop dead gorgeous photographs
  27. BBC – Future – Facebook is a growing and unstoppable digital graveyard
    Great article on the human aspects surrounding a digital legacy
  28. My Dog is More Connected Than Your Dog – ReadWrite
    Quantified Self apps & devices for Dogs & Cats
  29. Beyond the Grave
    The future of cemeteries and how we’ll be remembered digitally
  30. Apple demands widow get court order to access dead husband's password – Business – CBC News

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