Here’s related articles and pages I’ve discovered worth reading along with my commentary on some occasions.

  1. 2014: My Year in Review — 2014 in Review — Medium
    A nice year in review stream with visualizations, personal observations, data, and highlights.
  2. The best smartwatch or fitness band in Q1 2015 | Troy Angrignon
    Great comparison matrix of activity trackers broken down by different activity types to help you pick the right one.
  3. 50 Apps to Track Everything in your Life |
  4. ​Protecting your afterlife in the digital realm – CBS News
  5. Wilkinson – Afterglow – YouTube
    A music video that is composed of providing the #Lifelogging analytics behind a relationship #NSFW
  6. HUMANS 2.0 – YouTube
    This Video shows the quantified self movement benefits that could be realized at a massive scale.
  7. Jawbone's new Up3 is its most advanced fitness tracker ever | The Verge
    Now with heart rate, skin temp, and galvanic skin response sensors and a whole lot more.
  8. Here’s What Happens to Your Data After You Die
    Great tips for preparing.
  9. Exclusive: Fitbit Charge and Charge HR Images and Full Features List
    Leaked information on the new bands from Fitbit.
  10. The best fitness tracker you can buy | The Verge
    The Verge chooses the Jawbone Up24. I recommend you also consider the Garmin Vivofit which is waterproof and has a one year battery life as an alternative which I’ve also reviewed.
  11. Robin Williams’s Death, Reflected in Social Media –
    A story on how the social media obituary has evolved by observing the Robin Williams tributes.
  12. This Guy Tracks Everything About Himself And Puts It Up Online For Everyone To See | TechCrunch
    More details on this amazing site. A must visit!
  13. A Plan To Untangle Our Digital Lives After We're Gone : All Tech Considered : NPR
    Learn about a new law that would let relatives access the social media accounts of the deceased.
  14. What will your digital legacy be? | LawBlacks Blog
    Read this to plan the process for creating a will for your digital assets.
  15. A P R I L Z E R O
    Amazing personal analytics site with a gorgeous UI. a definite must see. If you visit the journal you can also learn about how it was built.
  16. 6 1/2 Years Of Selfies Show Her Life With Mental Illness
    Pretty amazing lifelogging timelapse video worth watching.
  17. Healthcare Has Missed the Point of Google Fit | HL7 Standards
  18. Sony SmartBand review: a fitness tracker that goes beyond fitness
  19. The Next Fitbits Uncovered: Heart-Rate Sensors, GPS Info, Atmospheric Tracking, And Smartphone Notifications | TechCrunch
  20. Soylent: What Happened When I Stopped Eating For 2 Weeks | The Blog of Author Tim Ferriss
    Very interesting
  21. Apple – iPhone 5s – You’re more powerful than you think
    Apple’s first ad promoting self tracking with multiple quantified self apps.
  22. BBC News – Google sets up 'right to be forgotten' form after EU ruling
    Ruling in the EU sets up the right for people to force Google to remove personal data from searches.
  23. Samsung's Simband hardware and healthcare platform aim to track your every move | The Verge
  24. QSEU14 Breakout Session: Data Futures
    Blog post on Digital Legacy from the Quantified Self Europe conference & a video presentation I did previously on the subject at the LA meetup.
  25. For Fitness Bands, Slick Marketing but Suspect Results –
    These are all valid points.
  26. With App Acquisition, Facebook Enters Fitness Tracking Market – Digits – WSJ
    Another major activity tracking company is acquired: Facebook acquires the very popular Moves app which uses mobile phones for activity tracking.
  27. Social media & your digital legacy – leaving your virtual property in your will – YouTube
    Great intro video on the importance of planning for personal online & digital media in our wills from Australian law firm Slater Gordon.
  28. Nike reportedly abandons the FuelBand and lays off its hardware division (updated) | The Verge
    My guess is that Apple was partly behind this. Since they’re a partner, Nike probably decided to abandon this and not compete with Apple’s iWatch.
  29. The Quantified Other: Nest And Fitbit Chase A Lucrative Side Business
    Fitbit & Nest are selling user data for a profit. Consumers stand to benefit by lowered costs on healthcare and utility bills. Fitbit is working with corporate wellness programs who in turn are trying …
  30. Meet ThinkUp: Your personal social media guru – The Next Web
    Want to derive some meaning from your social media activity? Check out this service.

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