Here’s related articles and pages I’ve discovered worth reading along with my commentary on some occasions.

  1. Who owns a person’s digital and online data when they die? – Away For A Bit
  2. How I track my life — Buster Benson — Medium
  3. The Next Big Health App Needs to Do More Than Just Track Our Numbers | Gadget Lab |
  4. Tracking System Could Sound the Alarm of Health Changes in Older People, If They Are Willing to Wear It | MIT Technology Review
    Great new use for an activity tracker. Monitoring the health of seniors who live at home.
  5. How to Backup Your Data and Keep it Safe Forever | Digital Trends
  6. Ta-Da | From Me To You
    A high priced Escort is inspired by Nicholas Felton & creates a beautiful lifelogging infographic.
  7. Reporter for iPhone tracks your whole life, one quiz at a time | The Verge
    Review of an interesting new smart journal app for iOS.
  8. Basis Goes To Intel For Around $100M | TechCrunch
    The start of more acquisitions & consolidation in the quantified self space.
  9. A High Priced Escort Made An Infographic Of How She Spent Her Time For A Year | Happy Place
    This is what happens when a high priced Escort is inspired by Nicholas Felton & creates a ‪‎lifelogging‬ Infographic.
  10. Samsung Fit hands on (MWC 2014) | Android Authority
    Interesting new hybrid smartwatch / activity tracker.

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