Hack to Get an RSS Feed from FriendFeed Search Results

I read about FriendFeed’s new search functionality on their blog today. Then while roaming around my friends page I found this item from FriendFeed developer Sanjeev Singh. I then left a comment stating that adding an RSS feed for the search results on a specific term would add a nice touch and be very useful (at least for me anyways). Shortly after a reply came back from Bret Taylor stating that this is already possible with one example.

It’s a very simple hack:

1. Just enter a term to search on and hit the search button
2. Once on the search results page add “&format=atom” (no quotes) to the end of the url
3. Hit enter and you now have an RSS feed for that search term

I then recommended they add an RSS Icon with the URL for the feed at the end of all search result pages. But then again I’m a geek and RSS junkie so we’ll see if it happens.

If you like this FriendFeed hack, remember to read my other ones on how to get an RSS feed for FriendFeed user comments & likes as well as how to export FriendFeed user OPML & FOAF files.

You can read more about the new FriendFeed search on TechCrunch, Mashable, & Webware.

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  1. Steve Ellwood

    Nice tip; just dugg it.
    Wondered how I’d get stuff *out* of there.

  2. Jimsang

    Cool, i just subscribe the friendfeed search results RSS to IM by inezha.com.

  3. firm ptx marketing

    Thanks for the tip, I will definitely work on this one… by the way your on my RSS feed now..

  4. Reputation Manager

    Thank you. I tried it and it works. I'm wondering if I can produce and RSS feed in addition to the Atom feeds?

    Glen Woodfin

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