Lifestream Posts & Pages for January 15th 2008

5 thoughts on “Lifestream Posts & Pages for January 15th 2008”

  1. We can agree to disagree on the importance of life caching – but without accurate and long term archiving of data (life caching) – the lifestream setups most people currently will only be fleeting since most use RSS feeds in a transitional phase of their life stream. As the RSS feed items expire they are removed from the lifestream. Even sites like that does the best job of storing data for a lifestream only keeps transitional data from the auxiliary streams and eventually it expires.

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  3. Around lifecaching ; I work to give mYLastRSS ability to keep long time cached items of feed.
    That’s mean I could display old entries on LiFE-Line instead these entries are not in source feeds.

    But lifestream may fight against difficulties that lifecaching don’t know ; sharing 24/24/7/7 for several readers at same time… That’s why lifestream can’t reports more than lifecaching.

    And true question is : What’s you want ? Share choosen and recents bits of your life with lifestream, or keep for yourself hudge sum of personal data with lifecaching ?

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