Simple Hack to Get RSS Feed For FriendFeed User Comments & Likes

I just saw this message posted by Scoble to Dave Winer on Twitter


So I decided to check and see if the current format used to get RSS Feeds for all user data would also work to specifically get Comments & Likes for users. As you can see below, it sure enough did. Looks like I found another un-documented feature.

Here’s an RSS feed for my comments:

Here’s a feed for my Likes:

So if you want to track what Scoble is commenting on or Liking, here are separate RSS feeds for that:
(note: he doesn’t like anything yet)

Lastly there is a combined feed to track both of those feeds as well:

Sure it’s an ugly hack, but until they offer what Dave asked for or release an API it’s still a workaround if you want to do this.

Time to break out my favorite http sniffer Fiddler and see if there is a way to get an RSS feed of all users commenting on a specific users data which is what Scoble wanted. Perhaps someone else will figure this out.

Just doing my job to make Scoble happy. Because wouldn’t that just make the world a better place?

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  1. Louis Gray

    So, this hack works to follow one individual’s likes and comments. But is there a hack to send discussion on your feed to RSS? (Could be obvious, I don’t know.)

  2. Mark

    Louis, not that I know of yet since that isn’t data they are presently providing. All this hack does is provide a feed for data they already provide.

  3. Kevin

    That’s good to know. Less traveling required with these RSS feeds. 😉

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