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When I first created the Lifestreaming Services Comparison Matrix the small number of services fit quite nicely into a pretty css table. Since then I’ve wanted to add more services and tweak the feature set which proved to be a bit much to fit on a web page. So I’ve migrated the comparison matrix to a spreadsheet and using Scribd to host it (embedded below). It’s not very pretty, but it is functional. Please provide any feedback on additional features or corrections if I’ve missed something. I also plan on updating this frequently by adding more services and features as warranted.

I’ve steered pretty clear of giving recommendations for services on this site as the Lifestreaming space isn’t a “one shoe fits all” type of model that’s easily defined. But after finishing this I decdied to create a simple ranking system based purely by the number of features each site offered. Of course this isn’t a conclusive method of doing this since some features may be more important to some users than others. Still it was fun to have a basis to create a ranking of some sort. I highly recommend looking at the features to help you judge which are most important to help find the right service.

On to the Ranking!
2/29 Update: I added a missed feature on Profilactic and moved it to 3rd place

1. FriendFeed
2. Iminta
3. Profilactic & Plaxo Pulse
4. Jaiku
5. Dandelife
6. iStalkr
8. Tumblr & Identoo

Lifestream Web Services Comparison

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