Here are videos I’ve recorded

Gyroscope Web Service Tour
Demo of Universal Posting Service for Brightkite, Foursquare, and Gowalla
Lifestreaming Goes 3D Courtesy of Drupal and Papervision
A Demo of AIM Express 7.0 Beta which has just added Lifestreaming functionality
MySpace on The Future of Lifestreaming with Activity Streams at 140Conf
WP Touch Wordpress Plugin Demo for Lifestream Blog
How to Edit Your Facebook Privacy Settings to Share Your Profile with Everyone
Review of the Lifestreaming features of Small Worlds
Review of Strands Lifestreaming App for the iPhone -
How to Read Google Plus Posts in Flipboard
How to Configure Your Facebook Legacy Admin Settings

Here are related videos I’ve found recorded by others

"Everybody Dies: What is your digital legacy?" – Ali Lange, SXSW 2016 Panel submission
Rest in Pixels: How To Live Forever
Amy Harris | Digital legacy report
Rememex - MyLifeBits
Data, Death & Digital Inheritance
Sammy J Delete (Adams Hills Show)
"Year Zero: How We’ll Run Our Lives in Ten Years’ Time" - Alistair Croll (Strata + Hadoop 2015)
Kevin Honeycutt Building a Digital Legacy
She Takes A Photo: 6.5 Years | BeckieJBrown
Social media & your digital legacy - leaving your virtual property in your will
George Takei and iJustine on the Quantified Self | Episode 11 | Takei's Take
Stephane Marceau, Co-Founder, OMsignal - LeWeb'13 Paris - The Next 10 Years - Plenary1 Day2
Top Shelf: quantifying our lives from the gym to the bathroom
Loic Le Meur - US Zeitgeist 2010
Explore The "Quantified Self" Revolution with Jason Silva
Lifelogging pioneer shows us a new social media "safe"
Beddit: The Smarter Sleep Sensor
Chris Dancy Keynote -Existence as a Platform - Quantified Self meets the Internet of Things
Welcome to Life: the singularity, ruined by lawyers
Making Music with Brainwaves in Real-time using MindMIDI
Dr. Eric Topol on NBC's Rock Center
Living Headstone™ - QR Codes Turn Headstones Into Interactive Memorials | Quiring Monuments
1 Second Everyday - Age 30
Jonathan Harris : Today
The state of the open social web with OneSocialWeb architect
Windows (Client Video)
LifeStreaming Social Networking Content
Lifestream Service
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