Lifelogging is the process of tracking personal data generated by our own behavioral activities. While Lifestreaming primarily tracks the activity of content we create and discover, Lifelogging tracks personal activity data like exercising, sleeping, and eating. This may sound a bit confusing but hopefully the distinction between the two makes sense. The Quantified Self movement takes the aspect of simply tracking the raw data to try and draw correlations and ways to improve our lives from it. You can read more about this on my post here.

I created this page to track some of the devices, apps, and web services that are being created to allow us to Lifelog. You can also view an archive of all my posts on Lifelogging here. For a comprehensive list of Lifelogging apps, devices and services visit the official Quantified Self guide to self tracking.

Product Directories

Guides, Tips, and News

Gadgets & Sensors

  • Amiigo – Wristband and shoe sensor that work together to track personal activity with the ability to differentiate between types of activities
  • Autographer – A high-end wearable camera for lifelogging
  • Automatic – Tracks your driving and helps you make small changes in your driving habits based on the data
  • Basis – Stylish device that looks like a watch and tracks workouts, heart-rate, and sleep and provides on online health dashboard
  • Beddit – Sleep tracking device
  • Bedscales – track sleep and weight in one device
  • BodyMedia FIT – Armband to track physical activity and sleep patterns. Tracking is done by iPhone or Android apps as well as a web service. [my review]
  • CarePredict – An activity tracker to help empower seniors who want to live at home
  • Cubesensors – Indoor environment monitoring sensor
  • Fitbit – Tracks fitness and sleep activity data
  • Green Goose – Wireless sensors that can be attached to other items to measure activity
  • HAPIfork – A device to track and analyze your eating to help you reduce your pace.
  • iHealth – Multiple health and fitness devices
  • Jawbone Up – Wristband sensor to track physical activity and sleep
  • Lark – Wristband to track physical activity and sleep with software to also track eating and encourage activity
  • Looxcie – Small behind the ear wearable camera to passively record in first person
  • Lumoback – Device to track posture and help you improve it
  • Med Gadget – Personal Activity Monitor to Interface with Sprint Phones
  • Metromile – Driving analytics device
  • Misfit Shine – Activity tracker made of aluminum that is waterproof and provides wireless sync
  • Memoto – Affordable lifelogging camera with apps for iOS and Android
  • Moov – An activity tracker with some unique functionality to track multiple activities
  • Muse – Brain sensing headband
  • Nike + Nike Fuelband, Nike+ running app, shoes with sensors, and Xbox Kinect software that allow you to track physical activities.
  • Sano Intelligence – A small wearable sensor to capture real-time blood chemistry
  • Sensoria Smart Sock – Designed to more accurately track running activity
  • Trace – A fitness tracker for action sports like surfing, skateboarding, and snowboarding
  • Vicon Revue – Passive camera that takes snapshots based on Microsoft SenseCam pioneered by Gordon Bell
  • W/ME – A  wristband which provides insight towards our mental state & agility.
  • WakeMate – Records sleep activity data
  • Withings – Wifi body scale & blood pressure monitor. Tracks data and has iOS & Android apps
  • Zendrive – Capture data about your driving habits to improve them.
  • Zeo – Tracks sleep activity data


  • Argus – Tracks data across multiple activity tracking devices and services to provide insights
  • Average Sleep – Calculate your average night of sleep if you have a Zeo with this app
  • Bodywise – Track over 40 areas of your health and fitness to improve your wellbeing
  • Cardiio – Touch free heart rate monitor
  • Digifit – Track all your workouts
  • Daytum – Manually record and organize any type of daily activities
  • Endomondo – Track workouts, challenge friends, and analyze the resulting data
  • Eventflow – A digital life recorder (Android)
  • Everyday – Take a photo of yourself every day and publish to other sites and create a personal slideshow
  • – A behavioral analytics platform that turns mobile data into health insights
  • Heyday – Automatic personal journal based on your photos and location
  • In Flow – Aims to help you to better understand yourself and your ever-changing mood
  • Instant – Track several different types of personal data along with app usage and more
  • Instant Heart Rate – Track heartrate simply by using your finger
  • ITrackMyTime – Visualize your daily activities
  • Kennedy – Automatic journaling / lifelogging app (iOS only)
  • Lifelapse – Wearable pouch around the neck and app to passively use your iPhone to record video
  • Lume Personal Tracker – Track mood and energy
  • MapMyRun – A location tracking running app
  • Moodpanda – Track Mood daily
  • Mealsnap – Take a photo of the meal you eat, and then get an estimate of how many calories your meal was
  • Momento – An app that will aggregate data across multiple services into a calendar view and let you manually record your own diary as well
  • Moves – A nice simple and visual app for activity tracking that uses the accelerometer built into your phone
  • Mymee – Easily log and track many vitals for health to learn what triggers various issues
  • One Second Everyday – Create a video timeline by recording one second every day
  • OptimizeMe – Record, analyze and optimize your life based on logged data. Works with Moves app as well.
  • Quotidian – Software to visualize time and events
  • Quentiq – An app & service to track fitness activities from several devices as well as manually entered that takes the data to calculate a “health score”
  • Reporter – A very elegant and visually beautiful app for lifelogging by Nicolas Felton
  • Rseven – Records all mobile activity (sms, mms, calls, photos, video, etc.) to a calendar display
  • RunKeeper – Tracks running activity data
  • Saga – Lifelogging app for iOS and Android that captures quite a bit of your activity passively using your phone’s built-in sensors.
  • Shadow – Track and remember dreams
  • Sleep bot – A truly simple way to track and improve your sleep
  • Sleep Genius – Sleep algorithms and scientifically composed music ease your brain into its natural sleep rhythms
  • Sleep Cycle – Tracks sleep activity data
  • Sleep Time – Tracks your sleeping
  • Stress Check – Determines stress level by monitoring heart rate
  • Tableau Public – Software that can take raw data and create extremely nice interactive visualizations that you can publish on the web
  • Tonic Self Care Assistant – Remember and track all health and wellness activities
  • Weight Record – Track your weight and other metrics
  • Whatpulse – measures your keyboard/mouse usage, down- & uploads and your uptime. It sends these statistics here, to the website, where you can use these stats to analyze your computing life, compete against or with your friends and compare your statistics to other people.
  • Zen Log – iOS app to manually track personal metrics such as mood and sleep quality

Web Services

  • Beeminder – Create goals and then aggregate data from multiple activity trackers and services to track progress
  • Bedpost – A service to track and provide insight into your sex life
  • Everylog – Log anything you want and even setup a leaderboard to compete with friends
  • Exist – An aggregation service that connects to your personal data services to analyze and draw insights
  • HonestBaby – App to allow for child development tracking
  • Mercury App – Micro-journaling with analytics. Choose something to track daily with a rating
  • Microsoft HealthVault – organize, store, and share health information online
  • Moodscope – Track your mood daily and gain insights
  • RescueTime – Passively tracks computer usage activity
  • – Track daily activities with your own metric definition. Many other filters and apps for the data available as well.
  • Slife – Similar to RescueTime by tracking computer usage activity
  • – Aggregate activity across multiple devices and access via visual dashboard and reports
  • uMotif – Track personal stats data and achieve goals in a simple and beautiful interface

Data Aggregation App, Services and API’s

Smart Journals

I wrote a primer on this new breed of apps, software and cloud services that let us create journals along with aggregating our personal data created on other services.

Health Services

  • Inside Tracker – Provides blood analysis with actionable data to improve your health
  • Ubiqu Health – Track migraines both on the web and mobile
  • WellnessFX – Get lab tests with detailed information about health data



  • Gordon Bell who developed the Lifelogging concept provides details on his MyLifeBits project – on Vimeo

Websites / Conferences

  • IndieWebCamp – A gathering of creators to further open web technologies for personal data
  • ISWC – International Symposium on Wearable Computers
  • Living by Numbers – Conference put on by Wired to learn how better data can lead us to better health
  • Open You – Provides news and resources about open source app for health devices
  • Personal Digital Archive Conference – PDA explores the intersections between individuals, public institutions, and private companies engaged in the creation, preservation, and ongoing use of the digital records of our daily lives.
  • Personal Data Ecosystem – A consortium for the ethical integration point for data from different sources
  • Quantified Self – A community of users collectively sharing and learning more about self-tracking / Lifelogging. Having their first conference in May 2011
  • Strata Conference – Not specific to Lifelogging but a conference about data that can crossover in several areas

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  42. At least one article is from March 2015, so it shouldn’t be terribly out of date. But, surprisingly, some of products are not available any more and some sites of startups are already down.

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  49. Loggr is no longer available (nooo!!!). I am trying to find an alternative. Loggr had a really clean interface and a simple export to excel option that was handy for data enthusiasts like myself. Being able to customize quantitative data seems difficult to find in apps. Most do a “success or fail” approach which is sometimes good, but I like to track numbers such as number of cups of coffee, sleep hours etc. I know many web programs can do this, but the a key point is being able to update quickly during the day which is why a mobile app is important.

    Thanks for the extensive list, I’ll try to find my loggr-alternative.

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