UPDATE 5/23/18: I’ve launched DigitalLegacyManagement.com which will now replace all the resources found here moving forward

This section was created to help with the preservation, preparation, and production of personal digital data for ourselves and future generations. Below is a listing of tools and resources used for this process.

This section was born from this blog post which I recommend you read to help frame the need for this. You can read more posts I’ve written on this topic here. I will continue to maintain this section with updates and if you have anything I should add, please let me know.

Here’s a presentation I did on digital legacy

Step 1 – Preservation


Step 2 – Preparation

Password Management

Access / Update Social Accounts

Prepare a data access plan

I wrote a post that details the need for this along with a template to create a document for someone to access all of your data. Below are some of the keys to creating this

  • Provide information for password services / software with the master password to access
  • Designate and train a digital trustee on accessing your data and passwords to help out
  • Provide information for all on-going subscriptions to services related to digital data

Digital Estate Planning Services

  • Deathswitch – A service to plan ahead for digital information transfer
  • My Time to Say – store assets, create time capsule, prepare messages for future delivery
  • Perpetu – Allows you to decide what to do with social accounts when you die. You can delete accounts, schedule updates, automate backups and other actions
  • Willbox.me – manage digital afterlife, assets, last wills and online legacy

Miscellaneous Services

  • Dead Social – A service that allows us the schedule messages to send across our social networks after we die
  • If I Die – A service to queue up a message to be posted on social services when you die

Step 3 – Production

Digital Archiving Software

Web Services and Apps

  • Life’s Time Capsule – Full services that provide the ability to capture, preserve, and pass along your data.
  • 1000Memories – A service to create digital archives of your physical photos
  • Afternote
  • Everplans – A secure, digital archive of everything your loved ones will need should something happen to you.
  • Eternime – Create a virtual digital legacy page (not launched yet)
  • Famento – Create family history sites
  • Final Wish – Provide wishes for after you die and create a photo gallery to be shared
  • Forever Missed – Create a memorial website
  • Heaven Note – Create digital messages which can include personal data to be delivered after you die
  • Lives On – Here’s a service to continue Tweeting for you after you die based on AI and learning from your feed
  • Loggacy – enables users the opportunity to share their experiences and memories with their loved ones on both a safe and secure digital platform
  • MiLifemap – Archive photos, videos, social network data, and more. Filter and create collections to curate your memories as well.
  • ViewShare
  • Your Digital Legacy – Video storytelling service

More Resources

Resource Websites





  • Personal Digital Archive Conference – PDA explores the intersections between individuals, public institutions, and private companies engaged in the creation, preservation, and ongoing use of the digital records of our daily lives.
  • Digital Legacy Conference – The conference will explore how the internet has changed the way in which we remember and grieve forever. It will also examine how our digital footprint will ultimately help determine both our legacy and our digital legacy when we die.


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