UPDATE 5/23/18: I’ve launched DigitalLegacyManagement.com which will now replace all the resources I previously listed here moving forward.

This section was created to help with the preservation, preparation, and production of personal digital data for ourselves and future generations.

This section was born from this blog post which I recommend you read to help frame the need for this. You can read more posts I’ve written on this topic here.

Here’s a presentation I did on digital legacy in 2013 which is a little dated but the overall concepts still hold up.


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  1. Digital Preservation

    Please feel free to add Preservica (www.preservica.com) a cloud based Digital Preservation system

  2. Peter Billingham

    Hey Mark! Thanks for adding Death Goes Digital to the list! I appreciate that! This is an excellent list of resources for anyone interested in the subject of digital legacy.

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