One of the more difficult aspects of creating a Lifestream is devising how to manage the flow of data. For me there are many factors that determine this process and it’s like a very complex decision tree depending on the source of data (microblog, photo, video) the publishing mechanism (mobile, desktop computer) and the destination services I want the data to be syndicated to. There’s literally thousands of possible combinations and methods to do this. I want to write a detailed example “how to” post on this when I can, but in the meantime I wanted to provide some insights into this process.

Below you will find details from several folks I recently came across who have covered how they manage their Lifestreaming data flows. They discuss the services they use and other details about how they process the data. It’s good to learn how others are doing this to see if you can glean some new insight to learn new tricks or optimize the way you manage your flow.

Mickey Mellen has written a great post titled Organize Your Digital Life 6 – Streamline your Lifestream which summarized a more detailed post he had written previously on reorganizing his Lifestream.

Mickey Mellen's Data Flow

Andreas Gohr wrote a post in response to someone asking how to organize your Lifestream. His post titled How my web 2.0 Lifestream works provides his method.

Andreas Gohr's Data Flow

Justin Korn issues a demand in his post Manage your social network flow…NOW! He discusses a common problem where you need to pay attention to how you syndicate content to avoid duplication and other issues.

No Data Flow from Justin so here's a cool photo of him

Louis Gray has gone through several iterations of his data flow and has blogged about several of them. His latest version was detailed in a post titled The new 2010 Social Media data flow, with Buzz where he covers how Google’s new service gets added into the mix.

Louis Gray's Data Flow

Steve Rubel provided covered his three point system discussing how he captures, processes, and then shares and connects the data in his Lifestream workflow post.

Steve Rubel Data Flow

Hopefully reviewing these examples have proved to be helpful and offer some new ways for you to think about how to manage your Lifestreaming data flow. I look forward to providing more information on this topic as it seems to really need more discussion around it.

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