Last night I discovered a new service called that can be used to quickly create a beautiful Lifestream. The service was clearly built focused with simplicity and design in mind. Setting up an account takes minutes since all you provide is your name, email, and an about paragraph followed by the services you want to link to your account.

The choice of services is limited at this time with only Flickr, Tumblr, Twitter, Vimeo,, Facebook, Goodreads, Netflix, and RSS feeds currently available. Once you’ve added a service you have the ability to choose which items get imported into your stream. For instance with you can choose whether to display recent tracks, top artists, top tracks, and user info by selecting each item individually with checkboxes.


After you’ve provided your site info and added you’re services you can move on to the design. provides a very  nice floating design panel that allows you to edit the layout, background, fonts and color scheme. You can also upload a background image to use. I found using this panel to be really nice and unique tool.


They currently offer 3 different layouts that each offer differing display functionality so be sure to try each of them out. If you upload an image you can control the placement a bit. The fonts selection and sizing with realtime preview is sweet and there’s a predefined set of color schemes with the ability to edit the palette.

The display of the services is one of the unique aspects of Instead of your standard feed with text and thumbnails they offer some nice visuals for the data imported from your services based on the items you chose to import. Flickr offers a nice large image with thumbnails to navigate and display them while staying on the site. You can also select personal photos or favorites from a dropdown menu. Each of the services offer nice visuals and navigation options that are uniquely different.



After playing around with the service, is very impressive and shows a ton of promise especially considering it’s currently in its alpha testing phase. I really enjoyed the UI, design and features. I think it offers some uniqueness I haven’t seen in similar services out there. I want to see support for more services which will hopefully come soon. I really look forward to watching them progress.

I highly recommend giving them a try. You can use the invite code “lifestreamblog” to sign up and try the service right now. You can find my page here.

If you’re still not sold you can watch their service overview video below.

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