I came across this great script that allows you to add a dynamic Lifestream to your existing website. When I say dynamic I mean it queries the stream for all the services you add to it and displays them on the page but does not archive them to a database. You can define how many items you want displayed in the script. Implementation is a little more difficult than just enabling a plugin or module but doesn’t require programming skills. The only requirements are that you’re running Jquery 1.4.2 or higher. If you’re running WordPress you should have this if your running the latest version. You will however need to create your own custom page and template to implement Jquery Lifestream.

Jquery Lifestream Example Build Page

There are some pretty good implementation code examples as well as other instructions here. Another feature of this script is that it can be styled using CSS. There is also a demo page where you can create your own Lifestream and take the script for a test drive here.

The script currently supports the following feeds natively:
BitbucketBitlyBloggerDailymotionDeliciousDeviantARTDribbbleFlickrFoomarkFormspringForrstFoursquareGithubGoogle ReaderInstapaperIusethisLast.fmMlkshkPicPlzPinboard,PosterousRedditSlideshareSnipplr
StackoverflowTumblrTwitterVimeoWordPress, and Youtube.

The code updates have been pretty active and many of them continue to add new services. So if you’re a little adventurous and don’t care about archiving stream items in your local database and want the easy flexibility to style your Lifestream with some custom CSS I recommend giving this code a shot. If you’re running WordPress and want to try something a little easier get the WP Lifestream plugin. I also have a list of many other scripts and options here.

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