Today Facebook rolled out new functionality that will now feature search results based on your friends liking the resulting content. This applies to content you click the like button on at any external site on the web that has them.

This story broke on the All Facebook website earlier today. Here’s a snip:

Another big upgrade from Facebook: the company is currently testing search results which display articles ranked by likes. Additionally, the results for searches now shows the results from all around the web based on two things: the number of likes and the number of friends who liked that object…

While this is a nice start, I’d like to see them leverage this somehow into the newsfeed. I don’t want to have to search to see what my Facebook friends are liking on the web. There is so much that we miss on a daily basis coming across our streams and newsfeed and it would be great to utilize this highlighted content in a more prominent place for us to visit daily. That is why I’m such a fan of Twitter Times because I don’t have to monitor Twitter constantly to see what my friends are sharing. I understand that this is a shot at Google but I hope they expand this out.

This is just another example of how services will continue to utilize our social graph to highlight content for us. I continue to see this happening in many places and look forward to seeing some more services come online that will take this approach but expand to multiple services and put some more logic and interesting UI’s to display the content for us.

via All Facebook – BREAKING: Facebook Now Displaying All Liked News Articles In Search Results

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