New post over at alerted me to a new service called Minixr being launched out of Algeria. They called the service “a mix of Pownce and FriendFeed” and after playing with the site for a while, I totally agree.

After creating your account you can have it import and aggregate your data from 10 sites which include Digg, Reddit, Flickr, YouTube, Seesmic, Delicious, Diigo, Smugmug, Vimeo and but no ability to add your own RSS feed.

If you are a user of Pownce you will notice a very distinct familiarity with the UI. The top is highlighted with a posting bar that includes the same items such as message, link, event but omits file in lieu of photo (local upload), video (provide YouTube link), and audio (local upload).

Click on image to visit my profile on Minixr

Click on image to visit my profile on Minixr

Below the posting section is a reverse chronologically ordered list of items that are either aggregated from your imported services or created locally on the site. The items also bear an uncanny resemblance to Pownce even down to the link listings. You can also comment, favorite, and a link to send status updates through mobile phones or IM services such as Google Talk, Jabber, AIM but I didn’t try out those features.

The site is currently in beta but you can sign up now and is expected to launch in January of 2009. It’s currently in French, but they plan on adding English soon. Overall it’s a nice looking service and if you’re a Pownce user you will feel right at home and wonder why the importing and aggregation features haven’t been added on the Pownce service yet after they work so well on Minixr.

If you signup and need some help translating French from the site you may want to use Babelfish.

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