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I came across an amusing post by Glenn Slaven (author of the great FriendFeed Comments WordPress Plugin) where he had discovered that 2 FriendFeed users (Deepak & Kevin,) appeared in Google’s search results as more relevant than the about page. He mentions some other interesting ranks after clicking on the more results.

I decided to take Glenn’s lead and progress this to the next level by listing the top 30 FriendFeed users based on those results. Here you will find some of the usual suspects that always make these lists, but there are lots of new faces. Keep in mind that this is just a current snapshot, but it will be interesting to monitor over time.

Top 30 FriendFeed Users Based on Google Ranking

  1. Robert Scoble
  2. Louis Gray
  3. Paul Bucheit
  4. Steve Rubel
  5. Chris Baskind
  6. Mr. News Junk
  7. MG Siegler
  8. Frederic
  9. Muhammad Saleem
  10. Scott Beale
  11. Fred Wilson
  12. Dobromir Hadzhiev
  13. Michael Arrington
  14. Grant Bierman
  15. Corvida
  16. Leo Laporte
  17. Morton Fox
  18. Chris Pirillo
  19. Dave Winer
  20. Johannes Kleske
  21. Ryne Nelson
  22. Brian Solis
  23. Chris Dibona
  24. Veronica Belmont
  25. Tuaw
  26. Elliot Ng
  27. Mark Krynsky
  28. Brian Daniel Eisenberg
  29. Thomas Ho
  30. Bob Lee

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