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As I mentioned in my post about Lifelogging, we’re seeing an explosion of devices and objects that are coming out that will capture data. Under Armour has just announced their E39 workout shirt. Well they don’t exactly call it that. They describe it as:

“The world’s most innovative athletic evaluation & improvement tool. The electronic compression baselayer that tracks your biometric signals. The data, stored in the heart of the shirt, transmits to a computer or handheld. You look at it, you learn, you get better.”

The shirt will come equipped to track heart & breathing rate, g-force/horsepower gauge, and have a body positioning interface. Wired just did a story on how the NFL will be using these shirts during scouting for the 2012 season. They also provide some details about the shirt:

“Yet just below the sternum, the shirt also contains a removable sensor pack called a “bug” that holds a triaxial accelerometer, a processor and 2 gigabytes of storage. The information collected can be broadcast via Bluetooth to smartphones, iPads and laptops so that scouts and trainers can view the power and efficiency of each athlete’s movements. Heart-rate and breathing-rate monitors are placed on both sides of the sensor pack, helping to gather even more intel from the body’s core.”

You can read more about how the shirt will be used during the scouting as well as the slow planned testing and eventual rollout to consumers by reading the full Wired article.

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