A Reader’s Thoughts on Lifestreaming Open Source Platforms and Hosted Options

Here’s a post from reader John Eckman where he discusses his journey researching and choosing a platform to host his Lifestream. It’s a good read where he provides information on several different options along with insightful details.

From the post:

For a while now I’ve been testing out a few lifestreaming platform options. My current shortlist includes four open source approaches / platforms and two hosted offerings.

I think ultimately I’ll want to keep an open source (LAMP) platform because I want to own the data in my lifestream, have backups of it, and be able to move it around as I please. This leaves me choosing between a platform linked to a blog (WordPress or MovableType) or a standalone one (Sweetcron, Storytlr or similar) that just powers the lifestream.

via Lifestreaming: Open Source Platforms and Hosted Options | Open Parenthesis.