A Take on Lifestreaming from The Economist

Ok I apologize for bringing this story to you from November of last year so late but it has languished as a todo hidden in one of the plethora of tabs in my browser. Nevertheless I thought it would be nice to share it. The Economist wrote this story mentioning the birth of Lifestreaming from David Galernter and giving their spin on the evolution of how it has transformed from his original concept.  Along the way they latch on to the concept of Lifelogging with mention of the Quantified Self. It’s an interesting little read to get some background and thoughts on one of the directions this stuff is going.

From the story

The latest trend is “life-tracking”. Practitioners keep meticulous digital records of things they do: how much coffee they drink, how much work they do each day, what books they are reading, and so on. Much of this is done manually by putting the data into a PC or, increasingly, a smartphone. But people are also using sensors, mainly to keep track of their vital signs, for instance to see how well they sleep or how fast they run.

You can read the full story here