Aggregate Social Media and Much More with Pageonce

I read about new service Pageonce over at today.

From the site:

There are dozens of lifestreaming apps out there now, but this is the first one I’ve come across that acknowledges that I’m an adult with cell phone bills, credit cards, and bank accounts. PageOnce aggregates your entire online life, from financials and utilities to Facebook and Twitter.

This new service has a slightly different spin in that it adds much more than social media services to the mix. They offer the ability to add financial, shopping, email, travel, and utility services as well.

I just briefly created an account to test it. They seem to offer support for quite a few social media services although some may shy away from their method of requiring passwords to add accounts. I’ve seen backlash in the past from services that require this especially if they don’t explain why they need it or provide additional value from the access.

Pageonce Lifestreaming Service

You can also see from the image above that they have a predefined way of importing data from your social services. While the Twitter import is pretty cool, the Flickr one only brought in messages as opposed to my images which I don’t really care about and I didn’t see a way to define the data displayed.

The service also seems to be aimed as more of a start page on steroids than a Lifestreaming service. I didn’t see a way to share my “Social” streams page and it doesn’t offer adding friends to your network. Nonetheless I am a fan of aggregation sites that delve into other areas. I use Mint to aggregate my financial services and I will spend some more time playing with Pageonce to see how it compares.